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Sulphuric Acid

Leading Supplier & Distributor of Sulphuric Acid Since 1992. 

  •  25MT – 100MT
  •   1000 , Metric Ton Per Day
  •  3-4 Days

Since 1992

Sulphuric Acid Supplier & Distributor
Chemicals Manufacturer In India, Chemicals Distributer In India


As a leading Sulfuric Acid & Spent Sulphuric Acid distributor with significant storage, Raghav Chemicals supplies Sulfuric Acid to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. Our customers depend on Raghav Chemical for a consistent and cost-effective supply of Sulfuric Acid & Spent Sulphuric Acid

Our Product Information & Specifications

Sulphuric Acid Purity 98%

General Product Information

Product NameSulphuric Acid
Other NameOil of Vitriol
Molecular FormulaH2SO4
Molar Mass98.08 g/mol
AppearanceClear, colourless, odourless oil
CAS Number7664-93-9]

Specifications (IS 266 – 1993)

Total Acidity98.0 % min
Residue on Ignition0.2% max
Iron as Fe0.05% max
Lead as Pb0.005% max
Arsenic as As0.004% max

Spent Sulphuric Acid, Purity: 73-77%,

Product Specification

BrandRaghav Chemicals
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Physical FormLiquid
Chemical FormulaH2SO4
Molecular Weight98.08
pH Value1.2
Melting Point3 C
Sulphuric Acid Drums, sulphuric acid manufacturer in india, Sulphuric Acid Distributer In Idia.
About Us

Sulfuric Acid & Spent Sulphuric AcidSupplier & Distributor

We are one of India’s leading distributer, exporters & suppliers of Sulfuric Acid. Its chemical name is Sulfuric Acid. The CAS Number of Sulfuric Acid is 7664-93-9 and its chemical formula is H2SO4. The most common end use is Dyes ,Pigments ,Agro Chemicals .

Raghav Chemicals is where to buy Sulfuric Acid. Raghav Chemicals carries Sulfuric Acid in bulk and in multiple packaging options as well as in multiple grades. As a leading distributor of Sulfuric Acid we carry an extremely wide variety of concentrations and packaging options.  Sulfuric Acid is used in multiple industries such as Water Treatment, Oil/Oilfield Drilling, Industrial and many more. As a leading supplier of Sulfuric Acid Raghav Chemical. we can provide you with what you’re looking for.