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Sulphuric Acid Purity-98%

Raghav chemicals, is the leading Sulphuric acid manufacturer, distributor, and dealer in India. Provides the greatest quality, expanded consistency, wider scale, and more desirable efficiency. In Addition, they also provide 98% Pure sulphuric acid. One of the key strengths of Raghav chemicals is of delivering exactly what you need by slicing customized blends to your specification.
Sulphuric acid has many industrial, and daily life uses. It is made by a chemical combination of sulphuric dioxide and oxygen either by contact process or chamber process. But how well do you know the crucial uses and advantages of Sulphuric acid?

Let’s get to know more about it;
Sulphuric acid has a chemical formula of H2SO4, which includes sulphuric, hydrogenic, and oxygenic. It is a colorless heavy liquid that smells pungent. Despite its diluted form, it is highly reactive and corrosive and should be handled with care. During the manufacturing process, a dye can be added to help identify the chemical as a hazardous one.


A few of the uses for sulphuric acid are listed below.
1. Fertilizers: Nearly 50% of the world’s sulphuric acid is utilised in agriculture. Especially in the fertilizer industry. Massive amounts of sulphuric acid are used to create phosphoric acid, which is used in phosphate fertilizer production.
2. Pharmaceuticals: Alkylating agents, which are common in chemotherapy (treatment of cancer). These are pharmaceutical ingredients are made of sulphuric acid.
3. Automobile batteries: Sulphuric Acid is a chemical compound used in the manufacture of Lead-Acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in the automotive industry for cars and trucks.
4. Paper bleaching: To make the environmentally-friendly ECF chemical pulping process, sulphuric acid is used to generate chlorine dioxide on-site.
5. Water treatment: Depending on the pH of the water being treated. An acid or a base is injected during wastewater treatment. To restore the pH level of wastewater to normal, either sulphuric acid or a base chemical is employed. This method is called neutralisation.
6. Cellulose fibres: Sulphuric acid is also utilised in the production of cellulose fibres such as rayon.
7. Steel manufacturing: Petroleum refining is now utilised efficiently to remove contaminants from gasoline and other refinery products. It is also used in metal processing, such as pickling or cleaning iron and steel before plating with tin or zinc.
8. Colourants: It is employed as a colouring agent in the manufacture of colours, medicines, and disinfectants.
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