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Spent Sulphuric Acid Purity 73-77%

Due to our expertise in this domain, we manufacture and supply premium quality Spent Sulphuric Acid. The acid that we offer is precisely manufactured in accordance with the set quality standards by our seasoned professionals using superior grade chemical compounds. We also offer this sulphuric acid at competitive prices in various packaging options.
Our spent sulphuric acid contains 73%-76% purity, H2SO4 is a powerful acidic oxidizer and is used mainly for manufacturing various industrial chemicals in liquid form.
Our aim is to fulfill the demand of our clients, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the best products by manufacturing high-quality items.

Let’s learn more about spent sulphuric acid and its uses:
SPENT SULPHURIC ACID is diluted, partly neutralized sulphuric acid that has been reclaimed from industrial use. It is likely to contain multiple impurities.
Spent sulphuric acid includes minimal chlorine and may be used to produce a variety of chemicals.
Acts as an acid as well as a weak oxidizer. Chars wood and other organic matter, but do not cause a fire. In contact with H2SO4, zinc iodide reacts violently.
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• Spend sulphuric acid is used to manufacture synthetic detergents such as washing powder, detergent powder, detergent cake, liquid soap, cleaning powder, cleaning bars, and oil soaps.
• It is mainly used for the manufacture of various fertilizers like DCP (Di-Calcium Phosphate), SSP (Single Super Phosphate)
• It is used in the production of various industrial chemicals such as pigments and dyes and alum (ferrous sulphate) etc.
• Spent acid is also used in the E.T.P. plants of textile processing industries to neutralize alkaline effluents and recycle water.
• It is used to extract lignin precipitate from the liquid produced during the production of paper pulp.

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Colour Off white to light yellowish-white
Odour Pungent
Reactivity Highly reactive dissolves, most metals
Miscibility In all ratios, it is highly miscible in water.
Other Highly corrosive and Oxidizer
Our goods are excellent in purity, have a longer shelf life, and provide extensive benefits to the consumer. Raghav Chemicals is a well-known distributor and trader in the chemical sector.